The Kentucky Workers' Compensation Funding Commission was created in 1987 for the purposes of controlling, investing, and managing the funds collected to support the Commonwealth's workers' compensation program. The Funding Commission is required to establish the annual assessment rates necessary to fund the various programs.

In addition to funding the payment of Special Fund liabilities, the Kentucky Coal Workers' Pneumoconiosis Fund, and the Uninsured Employers Fund, these assessments finance the administrative operations of the Funding Commission and all programs in the Kentucky Labor Cabinet except Employment Standards, Apprenticeship and Training, and Labor-Management Relations and Mediation.

The Funding Commission is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven members. Board members include the Secretaries of Labor, Economic Development, and Finance & Administration Cabinets. In addition, the Governor appoints four members who represent labor, insurance companies writing workers' compensation insurance, employers, and self-insured employers and groups.


***   E-FILE/E-PAY   ***

We are pleased to announce our NEW Quarterly Premium Report Online System (E-File/E-Pay). This system provides companies with a secure, convenient, and fee-free option for assessment reporting and payment.  For more details on the E-File/E-Pay system, please see the FAQs on our website or call 502-573-3505.


File Your QPR Online 


If you file electronically, you must remit a corresponding EFT payment.
Electronic reports in "Pending" status are not complete until electronic payment has been fully processed.
To improve the efficiency of the Commonwealth of Kentucky receipt of ACH Payments, several changes are being implemented effective May 31, 2016.  Normally this would not impact our end users.  However, certain businesses restrict who can debit from their account with the use of an authorized list, commonly known as a “Debit Block.”  The changes being implemented will result in new Originating IDs and may require users to provide the new Originating ID (OID) to their banks for authorization to debit their account.
The current ODFI ID #9772071990 is being replaced with two (2) new OIDs:
           A. ODFI ID # 1522077581 (for payments less than one (1) million dollars)
           B. ODFI ID # 9006402001 (for payments of one (1) million dollars or greater)
Effective May 31, 2016, the end user will be required to use one of the two (2) new OIDs or the ACH payment could fail and return.
Also, end users when submitting their E-Payment by clicking “Pay Now” will certify that:
The Routing and Account numbers are correct; and,
The end user has contacted their financial institution and authorized Kentucky.gov's originating banks, First Premier Bank (ODFI ID #1522077581) and JP Morgan Chase
 (ODFI ID #9006402001), to debit their account; and,
Should the ACH Debit transaction be returned by the bank as not payable, the end user is responsible for any fees or penalties assessed by their financial institution and the         Kentucky Workers' Compensation Funding Commission.

2016 Assessment Rates

The Funding Commission has adopted the following assessment rates for calendar year 2016:
  • All Employers Rate of 5.51%
  • Additional Coal Rate of 14.82%
  • Severed Coal Assessment of 15.1 cents per ton
Please be advised that all rates above have changed from the previous year.
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