Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers related to E-File/E-Pay can be found here​.


​The Department of Workers' Claims may issue revised simulated premium calculations at any point during the year. Specific questions concerning the reasons for the change should be addressed to the Self Insured Branch of the Department of Workers' Claims at (502) 564-5550.​​

​All previously submitted Quarterly Premium Reports for that calendar year need to be revised and sent to the KWCFC using the new simulated premium figure. Amounts previously paid should be listed on line 6 of the form. If additional assessment is due, payment should be made at this time to minimize penalty and interest or request a refund.​​

​As a result of a simulated premium change, additional assessment was due. Penalty and interest are being charged on the portion of your payment which was paid late.​​

Collections & Quarterly Reports​

​You may take the credit/refund on your next Quarterly Premium Report or you may request a refund.​​

​You may file a Non-Writers Statement. Please note it is your responsibility to inform the Funding Commission when you begin issuing workers’ compensation coverage again.​​

​Penalty and interest charges will accrue from the time the payment was due until it was received. You will receive a Penalty and Interest Invoice from the Funding Commission.​​

​Penalty and interest accrued on late payments of assessments are set out and imposed by KRS 342.1221. Penalty is set by statute at one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month or portion thereof. The Interest Rate is set annually by the Department of Revenue.​​

​Per KRS 342.1221, the Funding Commission does have the authority to waive part or the entire penalty for reasonable cause. Interest cannot be wavied. ​​

​No, the Funding Commission will calculate any penalty and interest charges due as the result of late submission of payment of assessment.​​

​Yes, your company must file a Quarterly Premium Report. If your company is no longer issuing workers’ compensation coverage, you may file a Non-Writers Statement. Please see Forms section of website.​​


​KRS 342.1223 requires the Funding Commission to conduct periodic audits of all entities subject to the assessments imposed by KRS 342.122.​​

​The audit determinations shall be final if not protested in writing to the Funding Commission within thirty (30) days from the date of this notice. If a protest is filed, it shall be accompanied by a supporting statement setting forth the grounds upon which the protest is made. Upon written request, the Funding Commission may extend the time for filing the supporting statement if it appears the delay is necessary and unavoidable. The refusal of such extension may be reviewed in the same manner as a protested assessment.​​

​Per KRS 342.1221, your company may request a waiver of penalty charges. The Funding Commission does have the authority to waive part or the entire penalty for reasonable cause. Interest cannot be waived.​​