​The Funding Commission appoints an Executive Director and other staff to administer and manage the affairs and business of the Funding Commission. Its operating divisions include Administration, Audits and Collections, and Fiscal Operations.


Administration provides internal support for activities of the Funding Commission, coordination of training programs, and liaison with other departments of state government.

Executive Director

Lisa King
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General Counsel

Marcus Roland
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Audit & Collections

Audits & Collections is responsible for conducting periodic audits of all entities subject to the assessments imposed by KRS 342.122. The audit staff includes the Director, Audit Review Manager, Field Audit Manager, and Insurance Compliance Auditors. This team manages audits of 550 active entities, completing over 60 audits per year. In addition, the Director is responsible for claims for refund requests, monitoring of the timeliness and accuracy of the Quarterly Premium Report filings, and the directory of assessment payer contact information.

Director, Audit & Collections

Lisa King
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Fiscal Operations

Fiscal Operations processes all monetary transactions for the Funding Commission, including accounting, budget preparation and oversight, and supervision of investment managers. The Director prepares the financial reports, in accordance with generally accepted governmental accounting principles, as needed for the Funding Commission and General Assembly. The Director also monitors transfers from Funding Commission accounts to the designated agencies for authorized expenditures.

Director, Fiscal Operations​

Kim Hay
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