​This system provides companies with a safe and secure, convenient, and fee-free option for online quarterly assessment reporting and payment. For liability and security purposes, banking account information is not stored and must be re-entered every time payment is remitted.​​

​​By choosing "Register Here"​ after clicking on the E-File/E-Pay icon on the www.kwcfc.ky.gov​ homepage. Only an initial registration is required to set up a username and password. Companies may have multiple users with separate accounts, each account will need to be registered with the company FEIN number. ​

​​​A user can register for multiple companies under a single login, but each user must register and create their own unique account. There is also no limit to the number of users that can add the same company. In addition, an employer can request an account to be removed by calling the KWCFC office at 502-573-3505.​​

​By choosing "Create and Save" instead of "Submit and Pay" at the bottom of the QPR screen, your work will be saved and your report can be found under the "QPRs in Progress"​ section of your home page until you are ready to submit the report and remit payment. ​

​A company in the system can have multiple users. One user can go in and file the report, they will choose "Submit and Pay" at the bottom of the QPR screen if they do not wish to allow the person who pays the QPR to be access to edit the report. The user who is going to make a payment will then log in and see the report under "QPRs due for payment." The user can then click "pay"​ and enter payment information. ​

​The same deadlines apply to electronic filings as mailings. Reports and payments must be submitted and confirmed before midnight (Eastern Time Zone) on the 30th day following the end of the calendar reporting period. Please do not wait until the due date to submit as network problems may delay transmission and result in penalties and interest.​​

​​Yes, if you file electronically, you must remit a corresponding EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or credit card payment.​​

​After completing an electronic QPR, you will be asked to enter bank account information to authorize an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or credit card payment. For liability and security purposes, banking account information will not be stored and must be re-entered for every payment.​

​No, if you are not a Kentucky government agency, you MUST pay using EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or credit card.​​

​E-File/E-Pay is designed to use Kentucky.gov’s online payment processing system. When payment information is submitted, an EFT Debit transaction is authorized to pull funds from the payee’s bank.​​​

​​​You will need to provide the Originating ID (OID) to banks for authorization to debit their account.

  1. ODFI ID # 1522077581 (for payments less than one (1) million dollars)
  2. ​ODFI ID # 9006402001 (for payments of one (1) million dollars or greater)

Effective May 31, 2016, the end user will be required to use one of the two (2) new OIDs or the EFT payment could fail and return.

Also, end users when submitting their E-Payment by clicking “Pay Now” will certify that:

  • The Routing and Account numbers are correct; and,
  • The end-user has contacted their financial institution and authorized Kentucky.gov's originating banks, First Premier Bank (ODFI ID #1522077581) to debit their account; and,
  • Should the EFT Debit transaction be returned by the bank as not payable, the end user is responsible for any fees or penalties assessed by their financial institution and the Kentucky Workers Compensation Fund Commission.

​​You will be prompted to save and print a copy of every report for your own records. For liability and security purposes, the system is intake only.​​

​Please call the KWCFC office at 502-573-3505.​​

​Yes, once logged in, select Manage P&I or Manage Audit from the main menu.​​